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What Does Your Garden Grow

Written in 2018 in memory of her beloved father, Joseph M Finnegan, Michelle shared her story to raise awareness and funding to build better shelters hoping no one in the future ever has to endure the failing of the generators and plumbing and mismanagement of the only special needs shelter in Collier County during Hurricane Irma.  Her father was rushed to the ER the morning after the storm after another woman was rushed to the ER and one woman died in their room.  After her father's burial, Michelle learned how to Illuminate Letters to highlight the Fruit of the Spirit in the midst of her journey back to life.  


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Creating Freedom Rocks

This story was originally an oral presentation about it is like to be a "working artist,"  Michelle was asked to speak to children at Grace Place after Michelle helped raise money to build the community center and donated boxes of books she was given by Houghton Mifflin who wanted to publish her first book, "Hung Jury."  The children's book "Creating Freedom Rocks" was published in memory of Alyce "Sandy" Nash who was one of the first female officers in the US military but chose to study art after WWII in London before running galleries in NYC.  Sandy ultimately was the curator of  the Philharmonic Galleries in Naples, FL and was founding curator of the Naples Art Museum, now The Baker Museum at Artis.



Hung Jury

Hung Jury tells the story about Astraea, whose name was borrowed from the Greek goddess of Truth. It is Atraea's quest for truth, justice and unconditional love in a world full of land mines, manipulative individuals, growing concerns and dwindling hope. Pray for Help and change


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